27% decline in Knowledge numbers

7517 candidates were studying The Knowledge of London in 2015, now towards the end of 2018 there are currently 5444 candidates. A decline of 27.58% over a 3 year period.

New candidates are still applying to become a Green badge London taxi driver but the numbers are declining at a fast rate.

Knowledge students (future London taxi drivers)

Being a London taxi driver has many rewards unlike many jobs –

You will meet tourists from all over the World, Your Knowledge of London’s roads will increase exceptionally, work hours that suit your lifestyle, more flexibility, be your own Boss and earn a good Income.

A good reason why Knowledge numbers are down is the UK tech industry. There are now more lucrative and more appealing career choices for everyone in London. The tech industry in the UK  is worth £184bn and is growing 2.6 times faster than the economy.

Every London taxi driver would say, accomplishing The Knowledge was not easy. You need to buy a moped/car, petrol, insurance, maintain your moped, purchase laminated map, buy Knowledge Books, pay school fees, pay TFL fees , have another job whilst studying The Knowledge, for 3-5 years riding a moped or driving around London in all weather conditions, learning road names, memorising locations of buildings, landmarks and attractions, revising day and night resulting in you dreaming about roads.

When you do eventually pass The Knowledge you’ll be constantly stuck in the forever growing London traffic, choices of vehicles will be very limited and expensive. You can either drive an unreliable TX4, pay £60k for the electric LEVC taxi or buy a £49k Mercedes van converted into a taxi.

breakdown taxi
broken down taxi

Or learn a tech skill, work from a laptop computer, work less hours, have a higher income and receive holiday pay.

I’ll rather do The Knowledge…..

more info Below

Become a London Taxi driver

Are you considering starting The Knowledge?

Learn The Bluebook


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